General Questions

What should I wear?

You should wear something that is comfortable, easy to move in, and not too warm because hopefully you'll be working up a little sweat burning up the dance floor! Extreme Dancesport does not have dress codes, and most dances are not formal. The Ballroom parties tend to be a little dressier, with the men in often in dress slacks and the women in dresses or nice slacks. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can move freely!

Do I need dance shoes?

If this party is one of your first forays into the world of partner dancing you certainly do not need to buy special ballroom dancing shoes. You should wear comfortable shoes with leather or suede soles that stay on your feet well; shoes that lace up or have adjustable straps work very well. Sneakers, rubber-soled shoes (e.g. Doc Maarten's), and shoes that are too big are very difficult to dance in.

Do I need a partner?

Absolutely not. You do not need to bring a partner to any Extreme Dancesport party, class, or private lesson. During the class, the instructor will have you rotate partners every few minutes so you will have the opportunity to dance with everyone in the class. Dancing with a variety of people is the best way to learn social dancing and is also a great way to meet people.

Is there parking at your studio?

Yes. We have a nice parking lot and there's street parking as well. If you can’t find one or not sure where to park, please give us a call and we’ll help you find a spot.

Can I rent the studio for events?

Yes. Studio rental is the complete rental of our studio facility typically for large events, classes, rehearsals, or workshops. Perfect for Salsa, Argentine Tango, Swing dance events. Pricing starts at $200 per hour (minimum 4 consecutive hours). Please call or email us for rental applications.

Can I practice there for a fee?

Yes. Practice floor fee is the usage of shared floor space for individual or dance couple practice. Pricing is $20 for individual or $30 per couple for two hours during studio opening hours. BYOM (Bring Your Own Music). Bluetooth headphones are great! No teaching allowed.

Wedding Questions

My wedding is in a month. Can we still take dance lessons?

While it is advisable to start early, we often give a "crash course" to couples with only a short time before the big day. We can arrange lessons at your convenience. A few private lessons with one of our professional instructors, along with a bit of practice, can make a BIG difference.

Is it too early to start taking dance lessons?

Absolutely not! In our experience in teaching wedding couples, we've learned that it's never too early to start. With the many preparations involved in weddings, we suggest you begin as soon as possible. Whether you choose group lessons, private lessons, or a combination of both, getting an early start allows you to pace yourselves comfortably and have some time for a little practice between lessons. Remember, you can use this newly found skill not only at your wedding but at other dance parties as well. You'll be the talk of the party. With a generous amount of preparations, many couples are eager to get out on the dance floor and strut their stuff!

Can your instructors teach us to Really dance?

Absolutely! Bring your favorite song and the instructor will tailor simple steps that will suit both your song and your personalities in order to make your first dance together very special. You'll impress your guests and love watching it over and over again on video tape.