Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get into dancing and we have lots of classes going on all the time!

We offer mainly three types of classes:


Series classes take you on a journey of learning that progresses over several weeks. This means that each week you will review material from previous weeks and build on your experiences. Series classes are 50-minutes long.


Program classes take you on a journey of learning that progresses as well but over a longer period of time meeting either once (x1) or twice (x2) per week. All program classes are 50-minutes long.


Drop-in classes are classes you can take and drop in without any commitment. You just come in that day, take the class and go for it. All drop-in classes are 50- minutes long.

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  • 26 New Street, Suite 3
  • (near Fresh Pond)
  • Cambridge, MA 02138
  • (617) 492-2122

Studio Hours

  • Mon - Thu: 2PM - 10PM
  • Fri: Closed*
  • Sat: 10AM - 5PM
  • Sun: Closed*
  • *Open for events only


Formally Extreme Dancesport, we're a dance studio, a practice space, a social meeting place. Come take a class, take a private lesson, or just chill with us.