Steve Yi

Ballroom Professional

Steve took his first step over 15 years ago as an adult amateur dancer. He like all newbies started from the beginning with counting "slow, quick, quick, slow" and discovered the beauty and addiction of ballroom dancing. He never looked back and danced, danced, danced his way up to the top. Concentrating on International Latin, he won all the local collegiate competitions and either won or placed in the finals in national competitions such as the the Manhattan Amateur Classic and the coveted Nationals Dancesport Championship. As he got older, ahem, none the wiser, he also did Pro-Am (amateurs dancing with pros) and either won or placed in the finals of all the major pro-am competitions in the United States. After many, many years of training with top coaches and competing all over country, he has decided it's time to give back to the dance community and teach. He turn Pro several year back and now he enjoys teaching to students once like himself and share the passion for dance. Now the student has become the master, grasshopper... This grasshopper is ready to spread the dancing love!